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John Wilson

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Marjan Hashemi

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Paul Savage


Ex Vivo Study of Synergistic Activity of Ceragenins with Caspofungin and Amphotericin B


Candida albicans causes serious infections associated with high mortality rates and this pathogen is becoming increasingly resistant to the commonly used antifungal compounds caspofungin and amphotericin B. These compounds are toxic to humans at the higher doses required to kill resistant pathogens, so new therapies are needed to treat drug resistant infections. Ceragenins were developed as mimics of antimicrobial peptides and recent studies have shown them to be active against Candida species. Combinations of ceragenins with caspofungin or amphotericin B have been shown to be highly synergistic. In ex vivo studies on porcine lung tissue, CSA-131 in combination with caspofungin results in fungicidal activity greater than the activity of the drugs individually. This combination therapy represents a new possible option for treating drug-resistant fungal infections.