Abstract by Jordan Coburn

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Jordan Coburn

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Marjan Hashemi

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Paul Savage


Synergy of Ceragenins with Caspofungin and Amphotericin B Against Candida species


The global emergence of drug-resistant bacteria and fungi has put strain on healthcare providers. Increasingly large and toxic drug doses are required to eliminate infections. New treatment alternatives are therefore needed that can be administered in lower doses, with less toxicity, and which do not generate resistant strains. Ceragenins, in combination with traditional therapeutics, represent a possible solution. Ceragenins are antimicrobial peptide mimics which possess potent antimicrobial activity and are associated with little drug resistance. The purpose of this study is to quantify the potential synergy between ceragenin CSA-131 with common antifungal agents caspofungin and amphotericin B respectively. Synergy between these drugs could lower the total dosage and associated toxicity needed to eliminate fungal infections and thereby improve treatment of resistant fungal strains.