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Ethan Robinson

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Physics and Astronomy

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Jean-Francois Van Huele


No-Cloning vs. No-Superposition Principle in Quantum Mechanics.


One of the more recent developments in quantum mechanics has been the addition of the no-superposition theorem to other no-go theorems.  This theorem postulates that, given two unknown quantum states, a superposition of these two states can not be created, but that, with some partial information about the states, a superposition can be produced with probability P.  A recent paper by Mina Doosti, Farzad Kianvash and Vahid Karimipour (Phys Rev A 96-052318-2017) has shown that if the states are known to be orthogonal, a superposition can be produced with unit probability. I examine this process, and specifically show how it does not violate the no-cloning theorem.