Abstract by Christopher Jensen

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Christopher Jensen

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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David Michaelis


Heterobimetallic Palladium Ligand for C-C activation


Currently, transition metal carbon hydrogen bond (C-H) activation and functionalization is a very popular topic. Organic molecules characteristically contain many C-H bonds, and there are not that many catalysts that activate these bonds. Most catalysts used for C-H activation contain a palladium ion connected to various ligands. For this purpose we have looked into Heterobimetallic Palladium catalysts for carbon hydrogen bond activation. While screening common C-H reactions, we discover a carbon carbon (C-C) bond activation using a palladium imidazole ligand we created. The palladium ligand complex was further studied and crystalized to determine structure. We are currently working to characterize the new product and optimize the reaction.