Abstract by Joshua Daum

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Joshua Daum

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Roger Harrison


Aggregation of Glutamic Resorcinarenes


Cavitand’s are molecules capable of attracting and encapsulating guest compounds.  As such, they have been widely used in the field of supramolecular chemistry to aid in filtration. Previously our group has synthesized resorcinarenes containing glutamic acid as arms which were proven capable of performing chiral recognition.  However, glutamic arm resorcinarenes also were found to create aggregates of about 100 nm.  We are attempting to control the formation of the aggregates using changes in temperature and pH and are measuring the effect of these changes with dynamic light scattering spectroscopy and electron microscopy.  I am currently finishing the synthesis of the resorcinarenes and beginning pH tests.  I will present on the progress we have made in synthesizing out resorcinarenes.