Abstract by Lindsey Alder

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Lindsey Alder

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Kara Stowers


CO2 ODH Catalyst XRD Characterization


The production of ethylene is done primarily with ethane cracking. While ethylene is an immensely useful material, the conditions in which it is made takes much more energy than desired. An alternative approach to creating ethylene from ethane is heterogeneous catalytic oxidative dehydrogenation (ODH). Using CO2 as an oxidant instead of traditional O2, our ODH process requires less temperature, is more selective, and eliminates unwanted side reactions. The catalytic species used in this project are chromium and manganese on two different metal oxide supports: alumina and silica. The weight percents of the catalysts are relatively small, with CrAl and MnSi at 2, 6, and 10%wt as well as CrSi and MnAl at 2 and 10%wt. I will discuss the characterization of these catalysts using XRD results to identify the crystalline species in the compounds and quantify the crystallite sizes in the samples. The recognition of these specifics gives understanding of the nature of our sample and how it will affect the reaction.