Abstract by Benjamin Whetten

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Benjamin Whetten

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Jarom Jackson
Dallin Durfee

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Physics and Astronomy

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Dallin Durfee


Modeling the Effects of Wavenumber Error in IPSII Images


Traditional microscopy technology is limited by lenses, which constrain the depth of field and maximum resolution of the image. We are testing an imaging process that avoids these issues by using an interferometer and structured illumination techniques without the use of a lens. This process, called IPSII, is adversely affected by imprecisions in the movements of the mirror mounts that control the interferometer which then produces blur and other inaccuracies in the produced image. I am modeling this process computationally to better understand the propagation of this error and create a model to predict its effects. By better understanding the effects of this error, I will know if these imprecisions are the primary limiting factor in the resolution of IPSII images, and if so, how these effects should be minimized.