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Basu Aryal

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Tyler Westover
Adam Woolley

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Adam Woolley


Development of Gold-Tellurium Junctions on Single DNA Templates and Study of Their Electrical Properties


DNA mineralization is a potential alternative to the current top-down fabrication of integrated circuits at the nanoscale. As significant progress to anticipated integrated circuit fabrication, metal nanoparticles as well as nanorods have been attached to DNA and converted them into wires. However, metal-semiconductor junctions on single DNA templates have not been made. Our group has successfully created DNA-templated gold nanowires and now, is developing gold-tellurium interfaces on single DNA templates (410 nm x 17 nm). We seed to attach DNA-functionalized gold nanorods and CTAB-coated tellurium nanorods via base pair interactions/electrostatic interactions. Electroless plating of gold helps join gold and tellurium nanorods, and create compact interfaces between them. We plan to characterize the electrical properties of those junctions to determine their ability to permit electrical flow. These accomplishments may lead to nanofabrication of future integrated circuits offering advantages over the top-down approach.