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Konnor Petersen

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Tyler Jarvis
Jordan Spencer
Jane Cox

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Tyler Jarvis


Prioritizing Water Interventions with Voronoi Diagramming and Gamma Distribution


We evaluate and prioritize water interventions in water-poor countries, using survey data.  But this has a few initial drawbacks. One drawback is limited geographical data. The data include GPS coordinates for clusters of 15-20 households, but not for individuals. A large part of the model relies on how much time a community will save in travel if a new water source is placed in their community. To solve this problem, we start by creating small regions wherein the survey participants lie. Voronoi diagramming is used to break the regions into smaller areas in which each cluster of 20-30 individuals are most likely to reside. Random sampling was used to estimate household locations in order to accurately calculate the travel time improvements for the individuals in the area given a new water.