Abstract by Elizabeth Wuerch

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Elizabeth Wuerch

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Lavender Lin
Brad Naylor
Richard Carson

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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John Price


Analyzing phenotype and the effect of genetic drift between Mice Companies


 Using mice from Charles River and the Jackson Lab, we compared whether mice of the same strain, C57BL6, had the same expressed phenotypes. Genetic drift will occur between the strains due to the separate breeding conditions in the differing labs, thus, there can be a difference in the phenotype as well. If there is no difference between the phenotypes of the mice, then data obtained through both companies can be used for comparison. However, if there is a difference in the phenotypes of the mice, comparing data obtained through mice of identical strains, but from different companies, may not accurately reflect the results.

To find out if the phenotypic characteristics of the mice from two labs are different, we used mice appearance, weight change, Outilization, and protein stability as parameter for comparison. The results of this experiment are important because they lay a foundation of more accurate scientific data collection, in using mice modeling.