Abstract by Dulashani Ruwanthika Ranasinghe Weerakkodige

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Dulashani Ruwanthika Ranasinghe Weerakkodige

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Basu R. Aryal
Tyler R. Westover
Diana G. Calvopina
Adam T. Woolley

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Adam Woolley


Metal nanomaterial synthesis and placement on nanoscale DNA structures to make electrically conductive nanowires


DNA, with its small size, functional groups and complementary base pairs, is a powerful template for making inorganic nanostructures via self-assembly. However, electrically conductive structures are required for many nanodevice applications. Here, we present a method to make nanowires from metal nanomaterials that have small linewidths. We achieve this by seeding DNA with gold nanorods and connecting them by electroless plating. We do electrical measurements that utilize electron beam induced deposition of conductive contacts.We successfully made and plated DNA structures; conductivity measurements are in progress. We also plated DNA nanotube structures that are 1-2 µm long, and optimum ranges of seeds and plating conditions were identified. Our work yields new insights into high-density nanomaterial attachment on DNA structures, making them potentially useful templates for nanowires in complex electronic circuitry.