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Jason Saunders

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Physics and Astronomy

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Jean-Francois Van Huele


An Enhanced Comparison of Entanglement Measures Using Teleportation Fidelity


Entanglement is a quantum phenomenon characterized by non-classical correlations between two systems. It can be used as a resource in quantum tasks  like secure data encryption and teleportation. Quantifying entanglement remains an open question - there exist many different measures of entanglement which agree on which states are maximally and minimally entangled, yet disagree on the ordering of intermediate states. We focus on three of these measures: relative entropy of entanglement, negativity, and concurrence. We show the relation between these three measures, including how they contradict each other on the ordering of some quantum states. We then use teleportation fidelity, or how well an arbitrary state could be teleported using a given state, to test a hypothesis that these measures disagree because they are measuring distinct resources. Our analysis shows no clear distinguishing between any of these three measures of entanglement, and that further work will be required to solve the complex problem of entanglement quantification.