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Bryce Berrett

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Geological Sciences

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Ron Harris


Tsunami Least Cost Path Evacuation Model & Online Application


The Tsunami Least Cost Path model was built using ArcGIS Pro and allows the user to input basic spatial data pertaining to a tsunami hazard area and calculates evacuation routes using a least cost path analysis. The user defines the safe area (such as an elevation, or region outside a computer generated tsunami inundation flood zone) and the model will calculate an evacuation path that should be the shortest and quickest way to safety. Specific variables such as roads, buildings, rivers, etc. are given weighted values that determine the least cost path, and are judged to correlate with evacuation time. This model was tested on a city in Indonesia named Pacitan with impressive output results. 

This research is currently being extended to make an online GIS application that will allow anyone with internet access to run a time-sensitive hazard evacuation path for a desired location. The online web app will feature built in data from Oregon to facilitate testing and usage for tsunami or hazard planning along the East Coast, but will be able to accommodate user uploaded data and analysis for anywhere around the world.