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Corbin Maciel

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Physics and Astronomy

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Richard Sandberg


Simple Optical Setup to Perform Coherent Diffraction Imaging


The BYU Coherent Diffraction Imaging Lab is working to image materials  on the nanometer scale using laser-like light sources. This is also known as a lensless imaging technique which is performed by passing a laser through a sample and then reconstructing the sample through iterative phase retrieval. This presentation will discuss  work that has been done regarding computer coding necessary to retrieve what is known as “phase information” in order to create an image of the sample through which the laser is passing. The program that is currently being developed is a type of iterative phase retrieval algorithm, which involves taking a “diffraction pattern”, putting it through as series of fast fourier transforms and applying constraints in the sample and detector planes, in order to reconstruct the object that the laser is passing through.

This presentation will specifically focus on what is necessary within the program and data for optimal reconstruction. I will also present diffraction from a simple sample in a helium neon laser beam and efforts to reconstruct the sample with the phase retrieval algorithm.