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Michael Bassett

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Francisco Irarrazabal
Reese Rasband
Daniel Novakovich
Kent Gee
Raiarii Jithame
Jon Johnson

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Physics and Astronomy

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Kent Gee


Far-field acoustical measurements during GEM-63 static firings


This paper expands on prior measurements and analyses of noise data from static rocket firings in northern Utah [e.g., see B. O. Reichman et al. Proc. Mtgs. Acoust. 25, 045006 (2017)]. Far-field acoustical measurements were made on two separate occasions for the GEM-63 motor, a 1,660 kN-thrust solid-fuel booster. Measurements were taken at angles between 40 and 120 degrees (relative to the plume direction) and distances of 985-1832 diameters from the nozzle, using both 6.35 mm and 12.7 mm diameter microphones and at sampling rates of at least 50 kHz. This paper discusses the measurement setups, as well as other appreciable features relevant for data analysis, such as the local meteorology and surrounding terrain. Statistical, spectral, and correlation analyses are used to understand the frequency and temporal characteristics of the noise as a function of angle, as well as consistency between the two motor tests. [Work supported in part by NSF and NASA.]