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Dallin Haslam

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Rachel Edelman
Brandon Rodriguez

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Physics and Astronomy

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Timothy Leishman


An archival database of high-resolution directivities


The Spatial Audio Group strives to provide easily accessible and accurate directivity patterns of sound sources for many applications, including architectural acoustics modeling and professional audio applications. The authors of this presentation have created an online database for live human speech, played musical instruments, and other sources of sound. Original signal processing code allows us to provide expansion coefficients, and broad-band tabulated attenuation results (commonly used in architectural acoustics simulation packages). The database also contains figures and animations of the directivity patterns, allowing for quick visualization. The authors of this demonstration have also been a part of designing a brand new semi-circular scanning array to be used in the acquisition of new directivity measurements. This new array will be used to scan near field and far field spherical directivities of many new sound radiation sources, beginning with guitar amplifiers.