Abstract by Maggie Osterhaus

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Maggie Osterhaus

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Kenneth Christensen


Utilizing Kinetic Flow Cytometry to Analyze Kinetoplastid Metabolism


Trypanosoma brucei, a eukaryotic parasite, adapts its metabolism rapidly to environmental changes experienced during its life cycle. Understanding these dynamic changes is essential to understand kinetoplastid pathogenesis. We present a new methodology to simultaneously monitor multiple analytes in live parasites. Utilizing kinetic flow cytometry and genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors allows effective monitoring of the rapid changes in metabolically relevant analytes (e.g., glucose and ATP). For example, when exposed to physiological concentrations of salicylhydroxamic acid or glycerol, ATP is depleted at different rates following environmental perturbation. These results suggest this approach as a powerful tool to help answer significant biological questions about kinetoplastid metabolism and aid in identification of potent inhibitors.