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Camille Cowan

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Geological Sciences

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Eric Christiansen


Detailed Topographic Maps of Shield Volcanoes Derived from Photogrammetry


Detailed elevation maps are integral to many geoscience applications. However, these detailed maps are commonly produced with expensive  LIDAR surveys (1 cm resolution), leaving most terrain mappable only through low-resolution NED data (10 m) available from the USGS. We are using Structure-from Motion Multi-View Stereo Photogrammetry (SfM), a technique in which overlapping aerial photos are combined with ground control points, to create high-resolution 3-D elevation models down to ~0.5 m resolution, twenty times better than the resolution of NED data. This project is focused on mapping shield volcanoes in the Snake River Plain, Idaho to compare the differing morphologies and identify the formation mechanisms of two shields, Kimama Butte and Rocky Butte. The final map demonstrates how the SfM technique can be used in the geosciences to produce high quality topographic maps at a lower cost than LIDAR.