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Reagan Burbank

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Matthew Heaton


Finding Important Factors in Rivers


Rivers are incredibly important in carrying water and nutrients to needed areas. They are also a main source of drinking water and play a crucial part in the water cycle. Because of their significance, it is important to find what factors, natural and man-made, have the biggest impact.

When researching this, the variation inflation factors (VIF) were very large and needed to be lowered to receive a reliable model. No transformations would be helpful with our data so we used principal component regression. A Gibbs Sampler was then used on this new model to find confidence intervals and significance. The significance was then checked with the findings from a random forest of this data.

While the research is not yet completed, some important factors have already been found. These include: stream drop, the open water percentage of the river, and the average temperatures of the months and years, along with others. While these make sense, there were also some surprising factors that had low impact, such as river magnitude.