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Karyna Howell

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Haifa Almughamsi
Daniel Ballif

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Adam Woolley


Immunoaffinity Extraction of Thrombin Anti-Thrombin in 3D printed Microfluidic Devices


Preterm birth (PTB), birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy, affects 15 million births worldwide annually; yet there is no rapid diagnosis method. These premature babies miss vital development during the final weeks of pregnancy, leaving them with lifelong health complications. Our collaborators identified a panel of nine PTB biomarkers. We are developing 3D-printed microfluidics devices that rapidly isolate, label, and detect these biomarkers. This research focuses on the immunoaffinity extraction of the PTB biomarker thrombin anti-thrombin (TAT). We identified an antibody with a high affinity for TAT via dot blot. We then form monoliths in 3D printed devices using UV polymerization, and covalently immobilize TAT antibody. We are evaluating TAT capture and elution in 3D printed microfluidic devices in order to determine a woman’s risk for PTB.