Abstract by Chad Quilling

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Chad Quilling

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Russell L Denton
Kyle J Cuttler
John Connor Holman
Bradley C Naylor
John C Price

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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J.C. Price


Progress in generating lipidomic synthesis and degradation rates though modification of existing software


The field of lipidomics deals with massive amounts of data that need to be processed to perform accurate analysis of the lipidome. Currently, there is no calculation tool that can be used to generate synthesis and degradation rates of lipids. Our lab has previously developed experimental methods and a software tool, DeuteRater, to generate a novel data type that contains the synthesis and degradation rates of metabolically labeled proteins using deuterium. Previously, the algorithm used was specific to proteins. Efforts have been made to utilize a more general algorithm to assess synthesis and degradation rates of metabolically labeled lipids. Verification of this algorithm has been tested using previously generated and analyzed protein data. Results show some correlation between the two datasets, but the theory behind when they correlate is yet to be understood.