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Connor Holman

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Rusty Denton

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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J.C. Price


ApoE Isoforms: The Altered Lipidome of Alzheimer\'s Disease


The lipidome is a dynamic and fundamental component of viable cellular homeostasis and plays a significant role in localized inter-cellular signaling and downstream organ function. Mutations in ApoE, one of the primary lipid transport proteins in the brain, are implicated in Alzheimer’s disease. It is unknown how the neural lipidome is affected as a result of a specific ApoE mutations and the connection to Alzheimer’s has yet to be studied. Using verified lipid extraction protocols coupled with LC-MS/MS analysis, an in-house lipid identification method has been developed to discover high confidence lipids in shotgun lipidomic analyses. By measuring lipid turnover using time-course isotopic labeling, we provide insight into the metabolic risks for Alzheimer’s disease through the ApoE genetic pathway based on brain lipidome perturbations. Despite the importance of the lipidome, lipids have been understudied in healthy and diseased phenotypes, largely due to low-confidence in lipid identification. We identified unique lipid species in isotopically labeled brain homogenate from ApoE-knock-in mice.