Abstract by Noah Mismash

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Noah Mismash

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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David Dearden


222 Cryptand & Peptide Side Chain Selectivity



 Our current research area is using FTICR mass spectrometry to better understand the structures of certain organic compounds. We have currently been using a method we developed here at BYU called CRAFTI, which helps us to determine the collision cross-sections of molecules. Our primary goal is to further refine and explore the many ways we can apply CRAFTI. This semester we are researching different ways to analyze amino acids and peptides. We think that using 222-Cryptand to bind to amino acids will give us a more accurate and selective analysis of certain peptide side chains. Binding to this type of compound will keep these chains from folding inside the peptide or protein. Normally, 18-crown-6 ether is used in this application. However, because 222-Cryptand is a bridged analog of this ether we think it will bind more tightly and more selectively with amino acids and peptides. It will also be particularly better at binding to ammonium containing ions. This will give us more side chains to analyze and give us greater binding selectivity.