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Hayden Ringer

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Tyler Jarvis
Sue Stephenson
Natalie Larsen
Erik Parkinson
Daniel Christensen
Lukas Erekson

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Tyler Jarvis


Multivariate Rootfinding Using Chebyshev Approximation and Möller-Stetter Matrices


Root-finding algorithms are key kernels in many areas of scientific computing. However, there are few robust methods for finding all, or even several, roots of multivariate systems. We present a method for finding all the common roots of a system of multivariate smooth functions lying within a compact set in R^n . Our method utilizes multivariate Chebyshev polynomials to approximate smooth functions to high precision, and then uses a generalized form of the companion matrix, known as a Möller-Stetter matrix, to find the roots of the approximate polynomial system. We explore the numerical properties that the algorithm exploits in order to avoid a number of obstacles. We compare our method to other popular multivariate root-finding methods, including Chebfun2 and Bertini.