Abstract by Nicholas Prestwich

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Nicholas Prestwich

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Eric Sevy


Determination of Energy Transfer Probability Distribution Function


Our research group has been investigating collisional energy transfer using a donor-bath system to help determine the energy transfer probability distribution function for single collisions. We use a UV pulse to excite the donor molecule vibrationally, and then that energy is transferred through collision to the bath molecule where we probe rotational excitation using an IR absorption as well as the translational excitation via Doppler broadening of the IR transition. From these measurements we are able to determine the energy transfer probability distribution for collisional energy transfer. Currently, our UV pulse is only able to excite donor molecules with one initial energy but moving forward we want to be able to create donors with different amounts of energy to determine the effect on energy transfer during collisions. Using a laser with a variable wavelength will allow us to excite our donor with different amounts of energy and lead to a greater understanding of these collisions.