Abstract by Connor Schroeder

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Connor Schroeder

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Eric Sevy


Energy Transfer Probability of H2O with Pyrazine


Modeling complex chemical reactions requires an understanding of energy transfer in bimolecular collisions, however current understanding is still insufficient to model complex chemical environments. The key energy transfer information necessary for modeling of these environments is P(E,E’), the energy transfer probability distribution function. This function describes the probability of a molecule at energy E having an energy of E’ following a collision with another species.  Despite knowing about this function for many years, P(E,E’) has only recently been measured experimentally. Several of these systems, such as CO2 with various donors, are among the few systems where P(E,E’) is known. Our group is proposing a normalized P(E,E’) of H2O and pyrazine and offering comparison of this system to other known systems. This is done with the intent to eventually provide a theoretical molecular basis for the calculation of P(E,E’) without the need for experimental measurement.