Abstract by Kyle Cutler

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Kyle Cutler

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Russel L Denton
John Conner Holman
Bradley C Naylor
John C Price

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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J.C. Price


Modernization of Deuterater, an Open Source Biomolecular Rate Analysis Software Tool


Mass spectrometry research teams acquire large datasets, which are often analyzed by computer programs developed in-house. Many of these programs were written by competent scientists who are unfamiliar with optimal programming techniques. Poor implementations prevent iterative development. Other programs were written years ago, and do not leverage modern technology like multiprocessing. We developed a program, Deuterater, in order to analyze protein synthesis and degradation rates. Time bottlenecks exist in Deuterater because of old programming practices,  and the current data structures and algorithms used only permit protein analysis. We are updating the Deuterater codebase with modern programming techniques in order to make the code more efficient and modifiable, as well as understandable for unfamiliar researchers and applicable to any biomolecule. Encapsulation of computational processes takes advantage of the multiple processors found on modern desktop workstations. Improved implementation of statistical techniques improves the robustness of the results. To date, we have succeeded in reducing execution time by a factor of five.