Abstract by Brittan Hunter

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Brittan Hunter

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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David Michaelis


Modeling and Building Layered Crystal Structures for Broadband Terahertz Generation


Terahertz (THz) radiation is light with wavelengths from 3 mm to 3µm (0.1 to 100 THz) that lies between infrared and microwave light on the electromagnetic spectrum. THz spectroscopy is a promising field with a number of applications including medical imaging, transportation security, and developing high-speed electronic devices. Mathematical modeling work has shown that OR in organic crystals arranged in layered structures can improve THz generation from 1-6 THz and even expand THz generation capabilities beyond 6 THz, helping to close the gap between 6 and 15 THz. Recent advances in the Michaelis and Johnson groups in growing new organic crystals for THz generation are promising in realizing these predicted THz generation structures. Our research and construction of these layered structures demonstrates the feasability of generating broadband THz spectra.