Abstract by Kealani Creech

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Kealani Creech

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Annie Armitstead

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Richard Watt


Protein Pens: A New Diagnostic Instrument


Lateral Flow immunoassays (LFI) are simple tests that detect biomarkers. Requiring only a few minutes, small sample sizes and no read-out equipment, LFI's are a valuable testing technique. Made up of multiple layers, they facilitate the capillary flow of a sample through protein detection zones, yielding visual results.

However, assembly of LFI strips require expensive machines, trained personnel, and expensive materials. A platform designed to be streamlined, low-cost and intelligble to the unskilled would open the door of medicine to even the most underprivleged clinics in the world.

We are developing a paper LFI that uses copy paper and a protein pen. Result in our new testing technique are comparable to commercialized LFI's binding within 1 min, and consistent protein binding at a 1/10^5 concentration. With different protein inks, this platform could detect many diseases and important biomarkers.