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Spencer King

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Physics and Astronomy

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John Colton


Synthesis of P-type Zinc Oxide Thin Films


Zinc oxide (ZnO) is a promising semiconductor with a bandgap in the ultraviolet that has various possible uses in circuitry, including LEDs, high-temperature devices, military technology, and lasers. For use in electronic systems, both p-type and n-type ZnO is necessary, but native n-type defects make it difficult for stable p-type material to be produced. We are seeking to synthesize p-type ZnO through doping with arsenic, by depositing the ZnO on a layer of zinc arsenide (ZnAs) by the means of radio frequency magnetron sputtering. In this process, we varied the substrate temperature, the duration of sputtering, the ZnAs sublayer, and the position within the chamber, all in order to determine what would most reliably create p-type ZnO. I will be reporting on the sputtering process as well as the overall conclusions that we have reached over the last several years.