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Alexander Yang

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Geological Sciences

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Scott Ritter


Reservoir Characterization and 3D Modeling of Aneth Carbonate Reef, Paradox Basin


The Middle Pennsylvanian Aneth carbonate reef forms the largest petroleum reservoir in the Paradox basin. Since discovery in 1956 the structure has produced over half-billion barrels of oil. In an attempt to better illustrate reservoir heterogeneity, a 3-D sequence stratigraphic model is being developed. The buildup is composed of two sequences: the Lower Desert Creek and the Upper Desert Creek. The resulting 3-D PETRA model incorporates gamma-ray and neutron logs from 200+ wells, porosity/permeability data from core analysis, and thin section facies descriptions from eight cores evenly distributed within the complex. Incorporating these stratigraphic framework into the 3-D model illustrates episodes of carbonate sedimentation as exhibited by the stacked reef and capping grainstones. The model also suggests a distinction between windward and leeward margins in both the geometry of the complex and the distribution of reservoir-prone facies. This approach shows the vertical reservoir heterogeneity often predicted from production may be controlled largely by the combined vertical stacking patterns of facies within these sequences.