Abstract by Sarah Ostergaard

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Sarah Ostergaard

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Physics and Astronomy

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Tracianne Neilsen


Directionality of Exploding Balloons as Scale-Model Volcanoes


When estimating the sound power of an explosion, one should account for directionality. Our goal is to estimate the directionality of explosions from measurements on an arc not concentric with the origin of the explosion. A test was conducted in a grass-covered field using oxy-acetylene filled balloons that produced acoustic shock waves. The gas-filled balloons were placed in the ground in hand-made “craters” of different shapes to hopefully produce different directionalities. Measurements were taken using both circular microphone arrays centered on each of the four crater locations and a single semi-circle array that was not concentric with any of the craters. The goal is to connect the two measurements by including the effective flow resistivity of the ground and determine how to interpret the directionality from data collected from the semicircle setup. This study was in preparation for a later volcano hazards workshop with buried explosives.