Abstract by Matthew Ricks

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Matthew Ricks

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Michael Vaka

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Physics and Astronomy

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Chris Archibald


Imagining Magnetic Domains of Multilayered [Co/Pt] Thin Films


We have been imaging the magnetic domains of thin films made from repeats of Cobalt/Platinum multilayers, with 10 – 20 repeats, using Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM), as an out of plane magnetic field is applied perpendicular to the film. We apply this field using permanent magnets that are placed and moved under the sample, allowing us to vary the magnitude of the applied field in the range of around of 0 to 6 kG. We collect MMF images with such in-situ field and vary its magnitude as we are imaging in order to track the morphology of the magnetic domains and its evolution as a function of the out of plane magnetic field. We see a change from a maze-like pattern to a bubble pattern as the field is increased.