Abstract by Andrew Atoa

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Andrew Atoa

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Paul Savage


Kinetics of Antimicrobial Peptide Mimics Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria and Fungi


The prevalence of drug resistance in clinical and other settings is cause to look for antimicrobial drugs that do not give rise to resistance. Synthesizing antimicrobial peptides, which are part of our innate immune system, could be a possible solution, but ceragenins, which mimic antimicrobial peptide activity, are cheaper agent to synthesize and are more stable. Ceragenins are cholic acid-based molecules that have a cationic and amphiphilic side, similar to antimicrobial peptides. CSA-44, one formulation of CSAs, works in a variety of different formulations to quickly kill drug-resistant bacteria and fungi. Kinetics studies have been run to show the rate and effectiveness of CSA-44 against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi. Results from these studies could give rise to effective formulations that do not cause the development of drug resistance in microbes.