Abstract by Forrest Strech

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Forrest Strech

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Cameron Cordner

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Geological Sciences

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Greg Carling


An initial hydrochemical analysis of streams and springs derived from the tropical glacier of Coropuna, Peru


Coropuna is a stratovolcano capped by a glacier in southern Peru. Streams and springs derived from the discharge of this tropical glacier supply residents in the surrounding areas with water, especially during the dry season (May-Oct.). Due to Coropuna’s volcanic geology, these streams and springs are susceptible to elevated concentrations of dissolved heavy metals. Water samples were collected from 11 sites surrounding Coropuna intended for trace metal and element analysis, from which data is currently pending. However, initial onsite conductivity measurements show values ranging from 28.7 uS/cm-703.0 uS/cm, suggesting variable solute and metal concentrations among locations. Further analysis of the data will help identify locations elevated in heavy metals concentrations and whether they are detrimental to human health. Future studies will reveal the influence of glacial discharge in the area, which influence could alter water quality as the glacier recedes.