Abstract by Joseph Cicon

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Joseph Cicon

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Roger Harrison


Application of resorcinarene micelles to delayed drug release.


Compounds that can aggregate into micelles are being used to control drug release in the body. The micelle structure is a hollow sphere that contains the drug and allows it to travel through the body without interacting with your chemistry for some amount of time. Resorcinarenes are cavitands, molecules with a cavity that can hold onto another molecule, that can aggregate. This combination of cavitand character to micellar behavior may improve this drug delivery method as cavitands are more selective of the molecules that they contain. I am studying the glutamic undecyl resorcinarene in its ester (GUE) and acid (GUA) forms. These two molecules have very polar arms because of the attached Glutamic groups and very nonpolar tales considering their length of eleven carbons, contributing to a theoretically strong aggregation. I will be presenting primarily on the strength of aggregation in various conditions, these being concentration, solvent, and temperature.