Abstract by Jansen Engelbrecht

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Jansen Engelbrecht

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Robert Hanson

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Adam Woolley


Melting Temperature Differences in Blood Clotting Gene Mutation


Factor V Leiden mutations are correlated to an increased risk of blood clotting which can rise to the brain causing a heart attack or a stroke. This condition could be more accurately diagnosed by a system that detects genotypes by measuring the difference in melting temperature of DNA. Precise temperature control is needed to detect these mutations in DNA, but current methods lack sufficient precision. Potentially, a 3-D printed microfluidic device could provide a platform for conducting such tests. An important way to evaluate the accuracy and precision of such device is to test it alongside established methods. Using qPCR, we are generating a melt curve analysis data set to use as a reference for evaluating these procedures on a microfluidic platform. With the 3-D printed device, distinguishing between genotypes can be a fast and efficient way to receive a diagnosis.