Abstract by Cameron Cordner

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Cameron Cordner

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Greg Carling

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Geological Sciences

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Greg Carling


Spring water hydrochemistry holds clues to mineral exploration and influence of structural groundwater flow paths, East Tintic Mountains, UT


The East Tintic Mountains, UT, have historically been home to lucrative mines. Mining interest has renewed due to new technology and exploration techniques. A spring survey was conducted to understand groundwater chemistry, establish a water quality baseline, and aid in exploration of undeveloped mineral deposits. 12 samples were collected in the Fall of 2019 and analyzed for total Hg and trace metal concentrations. Hg results showed a high concentration of 42.9 ng/L, with most samples <1 ng/L. Trace metals data is currently pending. However, conductivity values range from 321.1 uS/cm - 819.0 uS/cm, suggesting variable solute and metals concentrations. This data also holds important clues regarding structural geology which is dominated by four faults, creating a localized structural basin and providing flow paths. Knowing the spring hydrochemistry could allow better confinement of influence on groundwater flow of each fault. This data would also better inform prospecting decisions.