Abstract by Gabriel Valdivia

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Gabriel Valdivia

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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David Michaelis
Jeremy Johnson


Controlling materials for THz generation


Organic electro-optical crystals have been widely investigated due to their excellent properties for
second harmonic generation (SHG), including as highly efficient sources of THz radiation. Among the
organic crystals developed for THz generation, DAST is known to have a high hyperpolarizability value in
the microscopic state, which is moderately reduced (~ 17%) in the crystalline conform. A major goal of
our research program is the development of new, more efficient organic crystals for THz generations. To
accomplish this, we have synthesized a series of novel DAST-inspired organic structures with improved
hyperpolarizability, as measured in solution phase. In this report we will describe the synthesis of these
new potential THz generating compounds and our efforts to characterize their efficiency for THz
generation. We also describe efforts to optimize the crystal packing of these new DAST-inspired
structures via modification of the structure of the supporting anion for each DAST-like cation.