Abstract by Landon Schnebly

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Landon Schnebly

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Hyrum Taylor
Ethan Wuthrich

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Physics and Astronomy

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Richard Sandberg


Introduction and Overview to Coherent Diffractive Imaging


The ability to observe objects on a nanometer scale using inexpensive techniques is a valuable tool for research. Traditionally, visible light microscopes have provided sufficient levels of magnification for most research purposes. However, over the last few decades, techniques have been developed to create near wavelength-limited image resolutions unobtainable using traditional x-ray imaging methods due to the difficulty of manufacturing x-ray lenses. One of these is x-ray coherent diffraction imaging (CDI). CDI is the process of shining x-rays through a sample, observing the diffraction pattern, and using a computer phase retrieval algorithm to reconstruct a high-resolution image of the original sample. In this talk, we will describe the background of coherent imaging, including a description of the principles governing diffraction as well as the phase retrieval and reconstruction algorithm.