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Dallin Parker

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Jacob Nielsen
Anna Nielsen
Adam Woolley

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Adam Woolley


Integration of Microvalves in 3D-Printed Microfluidic Devices for Preterm Birth Prediction


Preterm birth (PTB), defined as birth before 37 weeks of gestation, is the most common condition of pregnancy and is the leading cause of death among children under the age of five. 3D-printed microfluidic devices have recently emerged as a potential tool to rapidly analyze biomarkers, such as those linked to PTB, though the analysis is still limited to the laboratory setting. We have shown that T-shaped microchip electrophoresis devices can analyze biomarkers. My objective is to develop the loading of sample in microfluidic devices to optimize analysis of biomarkers. I am working with T-shaped devices with two valves that will control the injection of sample into the device. The experiments with the valves are conducted in the same manner as the T-shaped devices. These experiments will aid in future automation of 3D-printed microfluidic devices to enable their use in a clinical setting to predict preterm birth.