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Enoch Councill

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Ryan Kelly


Modification of a commercial liquid handling robot for automated preparation of proteomic samples within nanoliter volumes


NanoPOTS is a proteomic sample preparation platform that enables greater data output from samples 500 times smaller than were used in prior studies.  However, nanoPOTS requires an expensive (>$50,000) custom pipetting robot capable of accurately dispensing and aspirating nanoliter volumes. Here we report the successful modification of a commercial liquid handling robot (Opentrons OT1), using inexpensive 3D-printed parts to accommodate nanoliter dispensing and aspirating.  The pipetting accuracy and precision of the modified OT1 was 0.2% and 2%, respectively for 50 nL volumes of water, with 1% accuracy error and CV of 3.8% at 20 nL. This platform was successfully applied to the preparation of low-nanogram proteomic samples for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) analysis.  This modified platform is an effective nanoliter liquid handler, capable of integration into nanoPOTS workflows, with a total cost of less than $6000, thus making this technology far more accessible to the scientific community.