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Mayalen Laker

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Daniel Jones
Conner Camacho
Burke Boyer
Nick LeVar
J.W. Moody

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Physics and Astronomy

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J. Ward Moody


A Test of the Strong Cosmological Principle Using the Flux Ratio of OIII Forbidden Transitions


In physics we make the assumption that fundamental constants, such as the speed of light, masses of fundamental particles, the atomic fine structure constant, etc., do not change with time. This assumption is very reasonable and most likely correct. Even so, as scientists, we should constantly be checking assumptions such as this.

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey, SDSS, has compiled over one million spectra of galaxies going back to a distance of over six billion light years. Therefore it provides us data with a spread in time of over six billion years. It is possible to use this rich data set to check the consistency of atomic electron transitions in doubly-ionized oxygen atoms to see if they have changed with time. The strength of our technique is that it is completely independent of local variations from galaxy to galaxy. We will describe what this test is and present our preliminary results.