Abstract by Collin G. Cribbs

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Collin G. Cribbs

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Jonard Corpuz Valdoz
Miranda T. Sudo

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Pam Van Ry


Mining the cancer databases to create a metastasis biosensor


Current technological advances allowed for the diverse available datasets for several diseases. These initiatives allow researchers to access datasets remotely. Though vast information is available, converting them into functional therapeutic for diseases is still limited. We view this lack of available therapy for certain diseases especially cancer metastasis to be due to low-throughput drug screens. Here, we identified a central biosensor for metastasis. We initially mined TCGA and CGC for lung carcinoma having an overlap of ~23,000 genes. With our efforts, we were able to narrow down these reporter genes to 1 gene. We then created a stable reporter cell line which has potential for high-throughput screening of drugs against metastatic cancers.