Abstract by Grant Flindt

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Grant Flindt

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Richard Watt


Effects of Nelfinavir and Darunavir on the Morphology of Inflamed Cells


Inflammation is naturally protective but prolonged inflammatory signaling causes fibrosis.  Chronic inflammation causes changes in cell morphology where epithelial cell structure changes to fibroblast structure.  Fibroblasts are cells that produce fibers such as collagen that are the cause of tissue fibrosis. The Watt lab has developed Furin inhibitors that block fibrosis and in collaboration with the Van Ry lab we have shown antifibrotic effects of these drugs. In this presentation, we evaluate how inflammation and treatment with the Furin inhibitors Nelfinavir and Darunavir alters the morphology of the cells.  We report chronic inflammation causes a transition towards fibroblast character. The Furin inhibitor Nelfinavir inhibits fibrosis but favors fibroblast structure. Darunavir has a less potent inhibition of fibrosis but cells retain epithelial structure.  An equal concentration of both drugs inhibited markers of fibrosis and retained epithelial structure.