Abstract by Benjamin Whetten

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Benjamin Whetten

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Richard Sandberg
Dallin Durfee
Jarom Jackson

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Physics and Astronomy

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Richard Sandberg


Wavenumber Error in Interference Pattern Structured Illumination Imaging


We are researching a method of lensless imaging known as Interference Pattern Structured Illumination Imaging (IPSII). Because it does not require a lens, IPSII does not have the same constraints on resolution and depth of field as traditional microscopy methods. Additionally, IPSII requires only single pixel detectors and flat optics and thus is less complex than other lensless imaging systems. The resolution and quality of IPSII images depends on the accuracy of the mirror movements used to control the interference patterns used. By modeling this process computationally, I demonstrate how errors in the mirror movements cause wavenumber errors that affect the resulting image quality. I then apply phase retrieval algorithms to correct for these errors and improve the quality and resolution of experimental IPSII images.