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Henry Davis

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James Harkness
Robert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Brian Jensen

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Physics and Astronomy

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Robert Davis
Richard Vanfleet


Spin-on Glass Sealing of Channel in Thermal Gradient Micro Gas Chromatography


The ability to analyze complex mixtures of gas makes gas chromatography (GC) systems the gold standard for volatile analysis. However, current commercial GC systems are large, relegating their use primarily to the lab. Micro GC systems have been made but these short column systems have not yet reached the high performance of laboratory systems. Recent work shows that applying a thermal gradient across a GC system may overcome limitations of a short column. Using plasma etching of silicon and wafer to wafer bonding, we created a micro GC chip which has a 20 cm long embedded channel with a thermal gradient along it. The wafer bonding process does not completely seal the channel, therefore this talk will describe a process being developed to seal the channel from the inside by coating it with a material known as “Spin-on Glass”. In addition to sealing the channel, this approach could also round the corners of the currently square channel, which would potentially improve the performance of the system.