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Tyler Westover

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Hannah Coons
Zac Westhoff
Nick Morill
Robert Davis
Richard Vanfleet

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Physics and Astronomy

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Robert Davis
Richard Vanfleet


Miniaturized infrared spectrometer for wearable applications


Diabetes is an illness that effects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Those with this condition need to regularly monitor their blood sugar or glucose levels or face serious health consequences or death. Monitoring is typically performed with a finger prick drawing a drop of blood that can then be tested. With the use of an infrared spectrometer glucose levels can be determined non-invasively. Most spectrometers on the market today are either too big or too slow to efficiently monitor glucose levels outside of a laboratory setting. With the use of a carbon nanotube collimator we have successfully miniaturized a fast, infrared spectrometer that could be used in a wearable device. I will present the effectiveness of the carbon nanotubes collimator and the data gathered thus far using this miniaturized spectrometer.