Abstract by Keith Willes

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Keith Willes

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Walter Paxton


Mixed Lipid-Polymer Bilayers: pH-Mediated Interactions Between Hybrid Vesicles and Borosilicate Glass


One practical approach towards mechanically and chemically stable biomimetic devices is to form hybrid bilayers that incorporate both lipids and polymers on SiO2 supports. However, the currently limited reports on hybrid vesicle – DOPC mixed with poly(ethylene oxide-b-butadiene) – interactions with SiO2 substrates, performed at neutral pH, indicate that spontaneous bilayer formation occurs only at low polymer fractions. In this study, we vary buffer pH as well as vesicle composition in order to form a more comprehensive understanding of the pH dependent interaction between hybrid lipid/polymer vesicles and SiO2 supports. Using quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation, we observed the interaction behavior of hybrid vesicles with borosilicate sensors as pH is varied. We found the adsorption/fusion behavior of hybrid vesicles to be highly pH dependent, enabling the generation of high polymer fraction bilayers on SiO2 supports.