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junseong Ahn

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Tyler Jarvis


School Bus Route Generation with Stop Selection


Recent literature on school bus routes problem (SBRP) has mainly focused on pick the optimal route subject to several constraints. The focus of our research is on two main sub-problem – bus route generation and bus stop selection. We propose an end-to-end algorithm from bus stop selection to bus route generation. To increase performance for SBRP, we developed a metaheuristic approach: Variable Neighbor Descent (VND) followed by the Clarke-Wright algorithm with a heuristic approach (CWH).

We define an objective optimization problem subject to the following constraints: bus capacity and the maximum walk distance. Determining the candidates for the bus stop, our algorithm makes the simultaneous decisions: (1) pick the stop to visit from the candidates for the bus stop (2) assign the stop for each student to walk to (3) determine the routes that visit the all chosen stops.